Jaimie + Scott

I felt like I had already met these two before.  Something about them just reminded me of friends that I have, so instantly I was on a relaxed level with them chatting about this and that.  Probably talking too much I would be talking and then go ohhh ya photos! I suppose we didn’t just come her to chitchat.

The location was a new one for me and I really liked it. I always thought college campuses would make great locations to shoot, on the weekends their relatively vacant of people and there is some great architecture at the campuses in San Diego.

Josh is from LA and Jaimie from the Lodi area (how embarrassing is this I told her I have heard of that place only because I might have watched The Girls Next Door once or twice…but not the new ones! Just with Holly and the others) OK don’t judge I never said it was good!

Anyways for a time they were both living in LA and never met until they each came to SD for an internship in accounting.  How cute they both do accounting! Josh proposed to Jaimie on the Santa Monica Pier apparently under some “shady circumstances” which meant there were just some questionable people around so he proposed to her and immediately shuffled them off to another location- can’t say there is no character in that proposal story though.

You were right Jaimie you both took direction well and were great!  Also remember I told you my cat loves me too much?  As soon as I got home she had to get on my lap at the computer (and is in my lap right now).  So there you go, now you know there are cats out there as affectionate as dogs.

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