the lovely charise & josh

After I shot Rachel & Laura’s photos in La Jolla I knew that I had to go back there, there were just too many great spots to shoot at.  And go back there I did! With Charise and Josh a very beautiful couple.  I mean really they have this model look thing going on and were so comfortable with each other in front of the camera.  It’s like I wasn’t even there as they interacted with each other and just had fun.  Oh and can I ask does anyone else thing Josh has a little Jake Gyllenhaal look about him?  This didn’t hit me until after the shoot, and I thought yes! That’s who he looks like.

Anyways the only negative thing I can say about this shoot is that there wasn’t enough time!  I could have photographed these two for over an hour but the sun was not on our side.  Charise had brought some really fun props to the shoot, which I thought was great.  I’m all for clients who want to jazz up their photos with personal objects.  She had brought a trunk to use but unfortunately we just didn’t have enough time.  Good news is though we have talked about setting up another time to do a shoot and utilize that fabulous trunk of theirs.

This shoot was interesting because it let me experiment with a new style which was night photography.  We kept shooting even when the sun was down utilizing available light, which is not how I usually shoot.  But it was interesting and I got some shots I would have otherwise not have gotten.

Real quick note on my favorite quote of the shoot, Josh is From Florida and Charise from Northern CA.  Well they came to know each other through mutual friends but weren’t in the same state.  So as we chatted about them and how they met I asked Josh “So why did you come out here?” (not knowing if maybe work or other reasons were at play) he says “To marry this girl” Aw that melted my heart.  LOVE IT!!!

You could tell the were just so comfortable being goofy with each other

complete professionals!

This is about when it started getting dark…

I loved these stairs but there was a locked gate.  Good thing is a student happened to be going in there a few minutes after we were shooting on the other side.  He was very sweet to let us follow him in.

This was one of the available light shots.  I kinda like the moodiness about it. It’s different and speaks to the individuality of this shoot!

As if that wasn’t enough here is a slide show of some of my other favorite images!

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