Dena & Shane

Can I just start by saying these two were total fun we had great conversation (talked about everything from my sad lack of followers on Twitter to Express having killer coupons) completely relaxed, good time…but I think they were trying to kill me.  Alright not really but the location they chose lent itself well to maybe doing just that.  It was a beach in the Del Mar area but it was down these bluffs that just by looking at them you wouldn’t think walking down them was even possible.  Dena and Shane both assured me that they had done this before and with surfboards non-the less! I just had a hard time not banging my camera into the rocks.  But aside from the getting down there and back up everything went smoothly.

These two met at a mutual friend’s party.  Dena had just went out on not such a hot date and was gonna call it a night but decided against it and ended up at the party Shane was at.  This was in 2007- the day of a Chargers-Patriots playoff game.  Shane was there in his Chargers jersey and Dena had on her Patriots jersey well instantly that was a conversation starter.  Shane said he liked her cause she wasn’t afraid to give him crap in his choice of team.  She even went home to get her Patriots hat to prove her love even further.

Have fun in Costa Rica you two!

Oh p.s remember you said Myspace is some “hook up” site now?  You’re right I went on there the other day (only to find a bands page to hear a song) and there was this new link saying “looking to meet someone new” so good call on that!

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