Adajar Family

For this shoot I was able to utilize one of my new favorite parts of San Diego.  And it’s not Balboa Park in general it’s this certain area that is just full of color; and I hate to admit I didn’t know about until a few month ago when another photographer friend of mine introduced me to it.  I love all the color that’s going on there. It also provides a great contrast to the rest of Balboa Park.  This whole family was fun to shoot the little guys were such hams! And I mean that is the best way possible, I love it when kids play it up for the camera.

Oh completely off topic but I ran the most I ever ran today about 5.5ish miles and wow does my knee hurt! I should probably do something so as not to make it worse every time I go running huh?

He really likes to play it up for the camera

I love the rich colors

Shallow depth of field…it’s kinda my thing

How beautiful is she?

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