Logan & Katie

Recently I went to a wedding, not as the photographer but as a guest.  This is always a weird concept for me; I have to go against this natural instinct to act as though I’m the official photographer. I did make sure to tell their photographers to feel free to push me out of the way if needed.  Once I knew I would be going to said wedding there was no doubt in my mind that also would my camera be tagging along.  I went with my friend Nick (who also happened to be the best man) his role in the bridal party did allow me a lot of photo time.  I’m pretty sure I confused the guests who wondered who was the girl that was half dancing and half taking photos.  That however, is the best part about not being the “official” photographer I can dance as I take photos as much as I want!  An urge I try my best to keep in check at my client’s weddings, I don’t want to seem unprofessional of course.  Katie and Logan made an adorable bride and groom-they are obviously so in love with each other and looked so happy together. I congratulate you both on your newlywed status.

Here are a few shots from their wedding

How cute is they way she’s looking at him?! Too much!

Here is Nick, the best man, he’s super photogenic yet is very picky of the photos I take of him…not sure why I happen to think this one is pretty handsome.

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