a nontraditional family portrait

This session was a real treat; it was my first shoot of the day one on a day when I had another session right after (and if I didn’t have one right after I could have photographed them for another hour). I loved that Cindy suggested bringing her boy’s skateboards.  Anytime someone wants to bring in a prop of that nature I’m all for it, it allows for those fun candid shots and also just a different element.

The O’Farrell family was so wonderful the whole time, they all had such a great energy and were very receptive to my ideas.  Tal especially who had something good to say after I posed them in front of something, such things as “oh this is cool” which is always nice to hear that the client is on board what the look you’re going for.

Cade and Chase were also super adorable, I mean just look at them!  I think they were just happy that this was your usual school photoshoot, this time they got to use their skateboards.  Anytime I was like “all right can you get your boards and ride them towards me” they just lit up.

Thank you to the whole O’Farrell family for a fun and nontraditional shoot!

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