The Crosby • Lauren & Josh

Talk about a beautiful venue! I could not have asked for anything more from this location.  Beautiful doors, bridges, lakes, and trees every which way.  The Crosby (as in Bing Crosby) might be one of the most beautiful spots I have ever had the pleasure of shooting at.  I was already sold on the name alone, who doesn’t like Bing Crosby? Every Christmas I have to watch “White Christmas” and “Holiday Inn”, just wouldn’t be Christmas without either of those.

I digress, back to the topic at hand here, Lauren and Josh.  Their wedding day could not have been any more perfect, from the venue down to the smallest detail. At the start of the day I walked into the room where Lauren was getting ready, a beautiful locker room with the most gorgeous bathrooms you have ever seen! I mean really maybe I lost cool points for being so excited that each bathroom had it’s own stall, but how often do you see that?  When I first saw Lauren she was calm, cool and collected just a girl filled with excitement to finally be married to her man. After getting some shots of Lauren’s beautiful dress I returned to find her choking back tears-she wanted to get it all out before the makeup started. The ceremony was fast approaching and the reality was setting in, with each passing minute her excitement grew.

The moment of their wedding that I found myself choking back tears was when Lauren approached her groom at the aisle.  As she begin that walk towards her future husband a huge smile fixed upon her face as she focused in on Josh.  It was Josh’s reaction to Lauren that was so touching, as he saw her you could see the overwhelming emotion bubbling up inside of him.  Just so happy to be there in that moment watching Lauren approach him to start the rest of their lives together.  What a sweet and touching moment, and speaking from a woman’s perspective seeing your man react like that is everything you could have hoped for!

I wish you both the best in your new marriage together, the love you two share is so special and emanates from you both.  Thank you so much for your kindness and involving me in your big day, it was a pleasure having met and worked with you.  I’m also dying to know where you went on your honeymoon! I hope wherever it was you both had a wonderful time.

They got this beautiful box from my favorite website Etsy.  Really I could get lost for hours on that site.

Love it when a bride goes bold and brings some color to her look with bright shoes.  Nice choice Lauren!

Right before the ceremony the light went from being more direct and harsh to cloud cover the provided the perfect diffuser for beautifully lit ceremony shots!

This was seconds after they walked down the aisle together.  How thrilled do they look right there?!

  • Javier Ramirez - Kelly,

    Your pictures are a work of art! Absolutely awesome!

    Kind regards,
    (father of the groom)

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