The Gaslamp, a kind couple and twinkly lights

It took three years for Jason to realize his good friend Amanda was, not so secretly, into him.  She vehemently explained to me that she made it clear to him that she wanted to be more than a friend-but in Jason’s mind he thought she was just a friend and nothing more.  However that all changed one day, Jason realized Amanda wanted to be more than just friends and he realized the same about her. And just three weeks ago they took the walk down the aisle on the east coast. They described their wedding day as a joyful and wonderful experience only negative-it rained. It seemed to me while talking to them that rain is a theme in their marriage.  They had a rain experience once before the day he proposed, Jason had it all planned out.  A horseback riding adventure through the wineries of Temecula full with engraved wine classes and framed photos.  However those original plans were somewhat thwarted when the rain came down.  The proposal still occurred that day, just in a somewhat different fashion, and in the end a stunned Amanda of course said: “YES!”

I met with these two downtown right in the Gaslamp-which to start is a great location but this one in particular was even better.  They had a few ideas for locations and I’m so glad they did because it led me to a location I always wanted to shoot at and is definitely now one of my favorite spots.

Amanda and Jason you are such a nice, sweet, fun and accommodating couple.  You immediately made me feel comfortable when I got to the shoot with your kind demeanor.  I wish you both the best in your new marriage-thanks for being such a wonderful couple you two!

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