Josh and Katie-Lee-to-be • a hike and a photo shoot

This shoot was a rare situation; we actually ended up doing their engagement photos the day before their wedding.  Josh and Katie were not sure if they wanted to do the engagement photos, but I suggested we try to get a session in so that it would get them comfortable with being in front of the camera before their wedding.  Well it seemed like the weather was against us because I believe we had to reschedule twice because of weather!  However, this last Saturday we got to take the photos and I’m glad we got the shoot in before the wedding!

I wanted to try out some new lighting techniques I had been studying up on, so I incorporated that into some of the shots here.  I definitely liked the results so I think I’m gonna have to do more of it in future shoots.

Katie and I go waaaaaay back, and I just met her fiancé Josh about a month ago.  When I first met him I knew I would like him, and I knew that they were so perfect for each other!  They both just click together and seem to understand the other one, it’s the kinda of relationship we all hope to have ourselves.  Oh and might I mention these two were high school sweethearts way back when.  They ended up going their separate ways back in 2003, and re-connected at Katie’s sister and Josh’s brothers wedding a few years back.  That night they reconnected and picked up where they left off, I think that means it was meant to be.  And yup that means their already a bit related through their sibling weddings, but I think that is just adds to their story!

For the shoot we went to Fortuna Mountain, a place Bryan and I enjoy hiking and one I would recommend if you’re into hiking!

I love the look he is giving her!


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