Return to Román Salon

This is sort of a sequel to a recent post I did featuring a cute salon in Los Angeles called Román Salon.  After I posted the photos I did of the salon, just for fun when I was getting my hair done last, Jen who manages the salon contacted me to say she would love if I came up there and did some photos of the stylists as well as overall shots of the salon.  I thought that it sounded like it would be a fun time and a great excuse to go up to LA, and that’s just what I did over the weekend.

When I got there I met the lovely Jen, and she is AWESOME! So Jen if you see this you’re awesome.  She just had such a great vibe and was genuinely nice and helpful and I just dug her personality.  As her and I walked though the salon to head upstairs to start the shoot, I said hello to my friend/lovely past bride Sherri who randomly enough was doing hair for a friend of my sisters…what are the odds?!

The shoot went so well, they have the kindest people working at there, here is their site if you’re looking to get some fabulous hair did RománSalon.  The shoot went a little longer than expected but I really liked just hanging out at there so I didn’t mind at all, OH! I got coffee and cookies! Which is one of the things I look forward too when going and getting my hair done there.  And it was three cups of coffee to be precise; I don’t know what they do but it’s so good! And I’m not the biggest coffee drinker to start… so there’s suntin special happening there.

After the shoot I went to a little bar/restaurant across the street to eat before heading back to SD, and I came to the conclusion that I am so not LA cool at all.  I think even if I tried to be I would fall short of the coolness that exists there.  So I guess for now I’ll stick to the part nerdy, part quirky role that fits me better.  But I still have a soft spot for you LA even though I would never be a member of the cool kid club…but I think I’ll be ok.

Enjoy the shots of this cute salon!

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