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A few months back the creator of an awesome website dedicated just to Los Angeles wedddings contacted me about an engagement session I did.  In her e-mail she explained her site to me and said she came across an engagement session I did of Sherri and Brendan at Griffith Park in LA.  She asked if I would be ok with those images being published in their first online magazine. I have to say when she e-mailed me I was taken aback.  I re read the e-mail to make sure I understood it correctly.  ME? I thought…you want me in your online magazine? I have to be honest this was a first for me.  I had never had anyone contact me to ask if they could use my images for publication.  So as you could imagine it was a huge honor to be asked.  I of course said YES! I would be more than happy to be a part of their 1st issue.

They sent me a questionnaire to pass along to Sherri and Brendan; who then filled out what their favorite spots were in LA, what they wore and how the story of their engagement. All in all it’s been a lovely experience for me.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing my work in their online magazine.  And I wanted to share it with all you out there, who (hopefully) 😉 read my blog.  And thanks to Sherri and Brendan for being lovely models!

Here’s the link


It’s pages 108-113 after you expand the magazine!

  • Marina - Nice shots! Love the spread, a very clever and interesting magazine, your pics fit in there pretty dang well!!! 😛

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