A vintage engagement

For a long time I have always wanted to do a vintage inspired photo shoot.  Anytime I see or hear anything vintage my eyes light up and my ears perk up just a little bit.  I have what might be considered an addiction to anything fiftiesesq for example I am addicted polka dot anything, dresses, bags shoes you name it! And sometimes I am fearful of not having enough retrain on ModClloth.com, however I just remembered I have a gift card to that site from my sister! I gotta get busy!

My opportunity to do that vintage inspired shoot came when I met Brianna at a wedding show I did back in April.  She came by my booth and we started chit chatting and she mentioned the type of shoot she was interested in doing.  She had me with her idea immediately, I told her she could not have been talking to anyone better when it came to what she was looking for.  And that I too shared a love of all things vintage with her.

We eventually set up a time to do an engagement shoot with Jason.  Our idea was to go to a 50’s diner (in our case The Corvette Diner) and also do a little picnic set up.  These two came prepared, they brought records,wine,books,strawberries, a record player! Very cool!

I’m glad we got to do the shoot we have both always wanted to do you two!

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