a backyard pintrest wedding

If you have not yet heard of the greatness that is Pintrest I highly suggest that you check it out.  In the past I have mentioned this site before and since then I have become pretty addicted to it.  It’s such a great resource for you to organize your interests and inspirations in once place.   Here is a link to my site in case you are curious about the interface.  If you are anything like me you will have bookmarked page after page to reference later, and that always made me feel so disorganized.  Now with the wonders of Pintrest you can categorize boards and “pin” images to those boards to reference later.  I make ones for my photo inspirations, recipes, and home decor to name a few; it’s quite an amazing thing.

I mention Pintrest to say that Rhiona and Ricky had quite the Pintrest inspired wedding.  Rhiona also has a shared love for the fabulous app and told me that she got a lot of her ideas for her wedding from the site, and did a whole backyard diy wedding with her inspiration.

I loved the details as soon as I saw them!  I had a feeling I was going to though because back when I did a photo shoot of her and Ricky I fell in love with the style of their house.  You can view that session here.  I wanted to steal every idea in their house, and the cute details they put together for their wedding did not disappoint.  Also an added highlight to their wedding is that Rhiona is super into photography as well so we had a really fun collaborative photo session, love it when that happens!

This wall was so cool.  They used photos from the shot I had done of them, I love the way it turned out!

Loved this location in Fallbrook!

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