charm in the middle of West Hollywood

Here we are day two of the 30-day blog challenge, YES! Look at me two days in a row!  So this post is of the personal nature, I just wanted to share a beautiful Los Angeles salon with all of you.  A wonderful client of mine Mrs. Sherri (who had the beautiful Cabo San Lucas wedding) works at the cutest hair salon in Los Angeles.  The photos below are all from the salon, which I found to be filled with cute and inspiring decor.

I have a special place in my heart for LA; I lived there for a year back in 2004 while I attended acting school.  While we can all say how noisy and heavily populated LA is, I still get a good feeling when I go there.  And I think the reason is because I love love love old Hollywood history.  And even nerdier than that I like to bring one my biographies about an old classic movie star (I am currently reading Jimmy Stewart’s biography) to LA and just go read at Griffith park and be surrounded by places the biographies mention.  The only sad thing is I feel that LA does not value its rich history, thus they do not preserve all the old historical landmarks I most admire.  I remember the first time I went to LA in high school and saw the famed Hollywood sign, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and Lucille Ball’s old house and kinda thought: wow this is it?  Only because the surrounding areas of these amazing sites are the likes of tacky souvenir shops and car repair businesses. Well maybe excluding Lucille Ball’s old home which is in Beverly Hills.

All right enough musings on Los Angele’s history and lack of preservation.  The salon Sherri works at is called Román Salon and it exudes such a quaint and calming environment.  OH! My favorite part (other than the beautiful hair that Sherri and her assistant Christina do) is the coffee and cookies!  There is something so enjoyable about that combination I now look forward to it when I go.  Such a simple touch that adds so much to their salon, in my cookie obsessed opinion that is.

My sister and I took the opportunity while there to turn their salon into a location for a photo shoot.  So the blonde girl you see below is my sister Jennifer working it for my camera.

Here is adorable Sherri doing her thang.  She rocks out the hair doing ladies and gentlemen check out her site

Sherri fixing my hair while my sister was taking pictures of me

Ah I love how cute my sister and Sherri look in that photo!

We made a little friend

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