What were you meant for?

As I was in bed last night half asleep a random thought came to me (as they so frequently do when I’m drifting off to sleep). The thought was about the path of least resistance.  I believe we are taught from an early age to pursue that path and not rock the proverbial boat.  However I am a believer in taking that risk or chance to step outside this line and create a unique path for yourself.  What’s to stop you from starting that business or pursuing your passion? I feel like that is when greatness happens.  Lets do a case Study:

Bill Gates: People probably thought he was nuts.  Gates told his university teachers he would be a millionaire by age 30. He became a billionaire at age 31.  Gotta love the confidence

Mark Zuckerburg: We’ve all seen The Social Network right (p.s how beautiful was the music)? So I think we have an idea of how this one goes.  But he thought outside the box took a risk and implemented it.  Now whether or not he stole the idea from the Winklevi that’s another story.

Lucille Ball: Hear me out those who are not familiar with her life story.  She started pursuing acting/modeling in her teens only to be faced with constant rejection.  It wasn’t until 1951 that she finally found true success in “I love Lucy” at the age of 40-that is passion and dedication people.  From there she formed her own production company wither first husband Desi Arnaz, and in November 1962 she became the head of a major studio thus gaining the title of the most powerful women in Hollywood. Her biography is inspirational I recommended it!

So I say all this to say I often feel that there are societal pressures to follow the predetermined path.  Well I’m here to encourage you to decide what that path means for yourself. These above people successfully created a path for themselves…what will yours be?

Disclaimer: I of course mean all these in terms of legal actions I’m not advocating any illegal behavior here of any size or shape. I’m an advocate of following the law, my Dad is a retired police officer so you’d hope so right!?

P.S I wish there was a way to record those random half conscience thoughts I have while half asleep. Because for some reason they sounds better in my bed than when I get up to type them out. But I truly believe the best thinking happens when you just let your mind wander right before sleep. So I guess that means I’m also here to advocate having sleepy random thoughts.

I really am such a sucker for motivational graphic posters.  I should create a wall with all kinds of them! I smell a new project coming on!

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