Tipster Tuesday- 5 Common wedding guest complaints and how to avoid them


So much planning and money goes into your wedding day, and every couple wants their wedding to be a hit with their family and friends. However sometimes good intentions may not be enough to throw your guests a wedding that will knock their socks off. Not to fear! For this very reason we have put together a list of the top 5 common wedding guests complaints and what you can do to avoid them and have your wedding be as super awesome as possible!

1-Asking your guests to fork out the dough

Every bride needs to stick within a budget and that’s completely understandable. However if possible it’s advised by many wedding professionals and wedding guests that you not ask your guests to pay for drinks at your wedding.

How to avoid this complaint: Yes open bars can be expensive, if you don’t have the budget to do so think about serving a limited selection of beer, wine and champagne. Another idea would also be to have a couple signature drinks at no charge for your guests.


2-The never ending toast

This one we’ve heard a few times, and we get it you’re the best man your excited to share every story you have about you and your best bud. The thing is sometimes short and sweet is best! Years after my sisters wedding I still think my speech was too long!

How to avoid this complaint: Try having your toasts during dinner, that way there’s two things happening at once, and your guests can enjoy eating while being entertained by the speeches (maybe this combo could even help them be ok with the speeches that come close to 15 minutes!) This also will help your guests to not feel antsy to get out onto the dance floor-since they’ll still be working through their first course. You can also give a friendly note to those giving toasts you’d like them to be kept short and sweet so you can start the party!

3-Running way behind after the ceremony and before the reception

This is traditionally the time when guests enjoy cocktail hour while family and bridal party do photos. The problems starts when you keep your guests waiting past the cocktail hour and into when the reception was suppose to start

How to avoid this complaint: A big reason why this can run behind is not having enough preplanning communication with your photographer ahead of time, and not enough communication with those involved in the photos. Family photos can be rocked out pretty quick, but not if family members who are in the photos didn’t know and have been lost to the cocktail hour. Precious time will be spent trying to get them back leading to stress for the couple and less time for bridal party and bride and groom photos. Make sure you have thoroughly communicated to your photographer who will be in the photos and provide them a list of names and relationships and make sure those in the photos know where to be as well.


4-Confusing directions

You want to make things as easy as possible for your guests, and this means providing them with clear directions to your wedding, and once there where they need to go. Making sure everyone knows how to get to where they’re going will greatly reduce the stress on your wedding day.

How to avoid this complaint: This is where it’s great to have a coordinator there to help direct people and take that stress off you and your guests. While you could have a friend or family member do this job, it will be more pleasurable for everyone if you have a coordinator handle it. You want to enjoy the day, not play wedding coordinator.

5-The wedding was just…boring

Yes the wedding is for you and your fiancé to commit your lives to one another in front of family and friends. However you want to make sure that those joining in to share this moment with you are having a good time.

How to avoid this complaint: Try having some lawn games out during cocktail hour, this will give the guests something to do while waiting for you to do your photos. Have a photo booth, where guests can take some silly photos, music is huuuuuuuge the best route would be to have a professional wedding DJ or live band there to keep the mood of the reception fun.

Now go forth and plan the bestest and most fun wedding you can plan!

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