Taking on The Big Easy

I got into New Orleans around 10:30pm slightly exhausted from the travel and still shaking off the jitters of what was the worst turbulence I have ever experienced (even the flight attendant said that- that’s how you know it was bad and I sorta really dislike flying so that was a real treat). I met Damion, the photographer I was there to work with, outside the airport waiting for a cab with his many many bags. Rolling up with my camera backpack and carry on I felt slightly guilty for not having to transport such large quantities of bags.
We made our way to the hotel, checked in and being on West coast time decided we were awake enough to go eat in The French Quarter at what was somewhere close to midnight. After accidentally taking a bite of red beans that had bacon (I’m a vegetarian who clearly doesn’t understand southern cuisine) we took a brief and…let’s say interesting walk down Bourbon Street. Honestly it was not what I was expecting…it was sorta like Vegas without the glitz and a bit more frightening. After feeling like we had seen enough off we went to sleep in preparation for a long work week.

The next day I did have some free time to shoot these photos, I felt pretty satisfied that I was able to find some musicians hanging out in The French Quarter doing their thing-something that was on my list of things to see in NOLA. Well that and consuming the beignets from Cafe du Monde- which I assure you I did…maybe I even did twice…oops!

I also was able to shoot an engagement session, and lifestyle shoot while there! Which I’m super excited about because I love doing destination engagements and weddings! I’ll be sharing those images soon!



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