This engagement shoot brought together two of my favorite spots to shoot; downtown san diego and the cactus garden near Balboa Park. And a fun fact, the cactus garden is where I had my first look on my wedding day a couple months back… That’s how much I enjoy it!

Sam and Brandon found me through the venue where I got married: Moniker Warehouse. Which is where they will be holding their wedding, good choice if I do say so myself!

Sam works the graveyard shifts at her work so this shoot for her meant she had to get up early. I must say that I would be terrible at doing what she does! I can stay up late but ask me to work through the night I would never make it!

I bonded with Sam over a shared love of all things cute coffee shops, and with Brandon over a shared love of WWII History. For real both those topics were covered in detail when we first got together. I love finding shared interests with couples I work with, it’s more than just chatting over wedding details (which are obviously very important). I like to get to know each couple I’m working with and hipster coffee spots and WWII history are two things I can get behind!

Here’s a sampling of some of my faves from our shoot:


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