Hello everybody! I just wanted to give a quick Merry Christmas Eve to everyone out there who may be celebrating the holiday. This is my favorite time of year and I can’t believe that it’s already here.  I have been preparing all month, watching all my favorite Christmas movies “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one I know I need to fit in at least one more time.  I have listened to all the Christmas songs countless times-I just gotta get them all in as much as possible before Christmas is over. “Last Christmas” I can’t get enough of, the Wham original and the Jimmy Eat World cover, and Death Cab for Cuties cover of “Please Come Home for Christmas” is at the top of my list.  Anyone else really enjoy Band-Aides song “Do They Know it’s Christmas?” It has almost every major artist of the eighties in it! I’ve always been a fan of that one, I think it’s because my dad really likes it though.

So everyone be safe and enjoy the time with family and friends. Oh and above is a photo of the gingerbread house I made this year (ok I had help it wasn’t all me).  And so what if it looks like a 5th grader could have made it! I think we did a pretty good job.

  • Cousin Janie - Sorry to have missed your annual penguins!

I had a lovely time photographing Susan and Mike-they were so easy to just chat with and have a good time.  I always like to keep the shoot as casual as possible- I know how it is on the other side of that lens so my goal is to always get people to have fun and not worry.  I know I know it’s a hard task/easier said than done.  But hey at least I give it the old college try to get whoever is in front of my camera to just have fun.  Before we started Susan told me that she is “not photogenic” which I did not believe! She is obviously a very beautiful girl.  Well I think she turned out looking quite lovely and I hope she agrees.  Oh and Mike I didn’t forget about you!  You were quite the model there coming up with your own posses and such so thanks for bringing your “A” game!

Recently I went to a wedding, not as the photographer but as a guest.  This is always a weird concept for me; I have to go against this natural instinct to act as though I’m the official photographer. I did make sure to tell their photographers to feel free to push me out of the way if needed.  Once I knew I would be going to said wedding there was no doubt in my mind that also would my camera be tagging along.  I went with my friend Nick (who also happened to be the best man) his role in the bridal party did allow me a lot of photo time.  I’m pretty sure I confused the guests who wondered who was the girl that was half dancing and half taking photos.  That however, is the best part about not being the “official” photographer I can dance as I take photos as much as I want!  An urge I try my best to keep in check at my client’s weddings, I don’t want to seem unprofessional of course.  Katie and Logan made an adorable bride and groom-they are obviously so in love with each other and looked so happy together. I congratulate you both on your newlywed status.

Here are a few shots from their wedding

How cute is they way she’s looking at him?! Too much!

Here is Nick, the best man, he’s super photogenic yet is very picky of the photos I take of him…not sure why I happen to think this one is pretty handsome.

For this shoot I was able to utilize one of my new favorite parts of San Diego.  And it’s not Balboa Park in general it’s this certain area that is just full of color; and I hate to admit I didn’t know about until a few month ago when another photographer friend of mine introduced me to it.  I love all the color that’s going on there. It also provides a great contrast to the rest of Balboa Park.  This whole family was fun to shoot the little guys were such hams! And I mean that is the best way possible, I love it when kids play it up for the camera.

Oh completely off topic but I ran the most I ever ran today about 5.5ish miles and wow does my knee hurt! I should probably do something so as not to make it worse every time I go running huh?

He really likes to play it up for the camera

I love the rich colors

Shallow depth of field…it’s kinda my thing

How beautiful is she?

This session was a real treat; it was my first shoot of the day one on a day when I had another session right after (and if I didn’t have one right after I could have photographed them for another hour). I loved that Cindy suggested bringing her boy’s skateboards.  Anytime someone wants to bring in a prop of that nature I’m all for it, it allows for those fun candid shots and also just a different element.

The O’Farrell family was so wonderful the whole time, they all had such a great energy and were very receptive to my ideas.  Tal especially who had something good to say after I posed them in front of something, such things as “oh this is cool” which is always nice to hear that the client is on board what the look you’re going for.

Cade and Chase were also super adorable, I mean just look at them!  I think they were just happy that this was your usual school photoshoot, this time they got to use their skateboards.  Anytime I was like “all right can you get your boards and ride them towards me” they just lit up.

Thank you to the whole O’Farrell family for a fun and nontraditional shoot!