These two brought their modelsque good looks and great personalities to the shoot; I swore they had done this before.  We went to one of my favorite spots in La Jolla, and ended up shooting for a little over an hour, up until sunset ended the shoot. I could probably have kept going if there was more light.  I can’t help it! I get very into the shoots and forget that maybe people don’t want to smile for 4 hours! But Erika and Daniel were along for the ride.

These two actually dated years ago in high school, sadly at that time it only lasted a week. It wasn’t until years later they happily reconnected. And now they are getting married in October.  I look forward to shooting your wedding; I’m so excited for you both!  Erika I know that that you will look so beautiful and Daniel you will be dashing on your wedding day.  It’ll be here before you know it. You’re getting everything done over the summer right Erika!?

p.s Seriously Erika you should model! You’re Gorgeous girl!

I’m no stranger to shooting in Balboa Park and I don’t mean that in a complaining sorta way.  It’s as beautiful location full of nooks and crannies to shoot in.  However with this shoot in particular I wanted to explore more, and I let Audrey and Billy know they were going to be my guinea pigs and we were going to try something different.  They were both so open and down for whatever crazy suggestion that came up.  I think one included getting in with the lions at the Zoo (a joke of course).  But while on the topic how cute would it be to do a photo with the meerkats because honestly they are the cutest little things ever! I digress…as we walked around the park I thought of the carousel that is located near the zoo.  We headed over there and Billy was a gentleman enough to pay for all of us to get on and get some fun photos of them just being silly.  It was, however quite a dizzying experience, but worth it!

While this is not technically an engagement session you could have sworn these two were newly weds!  This was actually a shoot for their five year anniversary and you could just tell how in love these two are.  It was really quite adorable to watch them just laugh their way throughout the shoot.  They actually were married 6 months after they met! Rebecca said her friend even knew they were a couple before her and Adrian had fully resized it.

Just looking at these photos, it’s clear to see these two were meant to be together.

Thanks for bringing such great energy to the shoot you two!

The wedding business is funny because it’s not like a job where you work with other people in your industry on a daily basis.  In an effort to meet others out there in the wedding industry I recently sent out some e-mails to vendors to just say a friendly “hello”.  Florist Annette Gomez replied to my e-mail and could not have been any nicer or more welcoming to my introduction.  She has lived in SD for almost her whole life and had been creating beautiful flower arrangements since the age of 15, and has been for the last 25 years.  Her work is flawless you can view it here and not to mention her collection of candle holders is to be envied!

From the start of our communication she could not have been any kinder towards me.  We arranged for me to go to a wedding she was doing for at the Grand Del Mar to photograph her work, a beautiful venue with beautiful flowers.

Thanks again Annette it was a pleasure meeting you!

Flowers by: Annette Gomez
Venue: The Grand Del Mar