These two were wonderful and I think It would be a hard task to find any women sweeter than Christy; really she is so kind and genuine.  I got this about her just from the small amount of time I had the pleasure working with her.  And it seems after being able to be a part of their wedding day that Chuck and Christy were meant for each other.  Oh and can I just say Christy has one of those Victoria Secret model smiles that just makes all women jealous.  I wish I had that! Oh well, what can you do???

Chuck and Christy’s wedding was in such a beautiful location.  I had never been to Santa Barbara, and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  I got there in enough time to check into the hotel right down the street from the wedding, and explore the area. The hotel was such a quaint place and had images of Charlie Chaplin all around it.  Overall this street in SB was my thing.  It was just so cute looking, as my boyfriend/part-time assistant walked down the street we walked past charming restaurants with images of old Hollywood stars hanging on the walls: Jimmy Stewart, Rita Hayworth-love it!  And then at the cafe we ate at Frank Sinatra was playing, that’s all I need I was sold.

The love at Christy and Chuck’s wedding was palpable.  You both are so lucky to have found each other and to have such wonderful family and friends to have shared it with!

A few months back the creator of an awesome website dedicated just to Los Angeles wedddings contacted me about an engagement session I did.  In her e-mail she explained her site to me and said she came across an engagement session I did of Sherri and Brendan at Griffith Park in LA.  She asked if I would be ok with those images being published in their first online magazine. I have to say when she e-mailed me I was taken aback.  I re read the e-mail to make sure I understood it correctly.  ME? I thought…you want me in your online magazine? I have to be honest this was a first for me.  I had never had anyone contact me to ask if they could use my images for publication.  So as you could imagine it was a huge honor to be asked.  I of course said YES! I would be more than happy to be a part of their 1st issue.

They sent me a questionnaire to pass along to Sherri and Brendan; who then filled out what their favorite spots were in LA, what they wore and how the story of their engagement. All in all it’s been a lovely experience for me.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing my work in their online magazine.  And I wanted to share it with all you out there, who (hopefully) 😉 read my blog.  And thanks to Sherri and Brendan for being lovely models!

Here’s the link

It’s pages 108-113 after you expand the magazine!

  • Marina - Nice shots! Love the spread, a very clever and interesting magazine, your pics fit in there pretty dang well!!! 😛

For a long time I have always wanted to do a vintage inspired photo shoot.  Anytime I see or hear anything vintage my eyes light up and my ears perk up just a little bit.  I have what might be considered an addiction to anything fiftiesesq for example I am addicted polka dot anything, dresses, bags shoes you name it! And sometimes I am fearful of not having enough retrain on, however I just remembered I have a gift card to that site from my sister! I gotta get busy!

My opportunity to do that vintage inspired shoot came when I met Brianna at a wedding show I did back in April.  She came by my booth and we started chit chatting and she mentioned the type of shoot she was interested in doing.  She had me with her idea immediately, I told her she could not have been talking to anyone better when it came to what she was looking for.  And that I too shared a love of all things vintage with her.

We eventually set up a time to do an engagement shoot with Jason.  Our idea was to go to a 50’s diner (in our case The Corvette Diner) and also do a little picnic set up.  These two came prepared, they brought records,wine,books,strawberries, a record player! Very cool!

I’m glad we got to do the shoot we have both always wanted to do you two!

I met Marissa and Dale at one of my favorite photo spots, Balboa Park in San Diego.  The shoot started off with such ease.  I felt like I had known these two for longer than the few minutes I had. I found out that Dale had proposed to Marissa in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor, so I think the kicker was my grilling them both on things to do in Hawaii.  At the time of the shoot I was a week away from heading to Hawaii for the first time with my boyfriend.  I had not yet figured out all the things I wanted to see and our hotel was not yet picked, down to the wire I know!   I happened to be going to that same island they went to so I got all the inside information from the about what I should do and see.  And to let you both know it all worked out I got the hotel a few days after our shoot and it was lovely, and had a little kitchenette and was close to Waikiki.

Best of luck to you both with your wedding planning and thanks for the fun shoot!

I met my friend Doug a few years back through some mutual friends and by attending the same local concerts.  The kicker though was at the time we met Doug was looking for a drummer for his band and I told him I happened to drum, here and there at least.  Well he was stoked on that and we soon starting jamming together.  The sessions were great, but unfortunately it was short lived since Doug lived about an hour away from me!

I did Doug and Katie’s engagement photos a few months back.  During that shoot I remembered thinking that he and Katie had such an obvious chemistry on camera and off.  And it was no different on their wedding day; I hardly had to direct them at all because with every set up they made it their own.  Just with a simple look from Katie to Doug a pose was transformed into such a touching sweet moment. The love between them radiated so strongly.  It was clear to me, and everyone else there on their wedding day that these two were meant to be together.

I hope the honeymoon to Harry Potter land went well.  And maybe one day we can have a band reunion!

  • andrea culp - Hello Kelly, I love the pictures. Hello Doug and Kaite, you chose a perfect photographer to capture your perfect day.