Today’s post is about a couple that just oozed cutsey vibes for each other during the entire shoot.  It just seemed that they were in their own world fully enjoying the other’s company and I just had the pleasure to be there documenting their feelings for each other.

They were both all smiles during the shoot, a mere glance at the other, a prolonged stare, the moment after a shared kiss made them burst out into laughter, and it not because they were uncomfortable having their picture taken but because of the love they have for each other made them so happy.  It was really quite a sweet shoot to be a part of, and I’m excited to share their genuine excitement for each other below!

Alexandra (or Alex as she prefers to be called, and to which I made no argument because I felt like I would somehow mispronounce her name) and Josh are such a lovely couple.  I came in contact with Alex because I had done family photos for her sister a couple times.  When I first met with these two there was such in ease when discussing their wedding plans (it’s going to be a very bright wedding that reflects her Mexican heritage, and we discussed how they met 7 years ago (he was working at the valet in the building she worked at.

Our engagement shoot was a long time in the making, it was right around the holidays when we tried to plan it and well you know how that goes! But we finally got it, Alex had her heart set on Balboa Park and I can’t blame her  it’s such a beautiful spot, and one I am quite familiar with.  When I arrived I was struck at how beautiful Alex’s dress was! Turns out it’s from one of my favorite stores Anthropology and Josh bought it for her as a gift after she told him how much she adored it.  They both were ready to get going when I got there giving no indication they were at all nervous.  We walked around the park and of course used a couple of my favorite doors during the shoot!

See you in September, and in the meantime happy wedding planning!

It feels as though 2011 went by in a flash and her we are now already a few weeks into 2012.  So many things happened last year:

• I got to work with the most wonderful people

• I met my amazing boyfriend Bryan

• I graduated from SDSU

• I shot my first destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas

• I discovered the wonder that is “Mad Men”

• I found addicting apps like Pintrest

• Went to Michigan for the first time  (to visit my boyfriend’s family)

• grew as a photographer through working with wonderful people

I am sure there are more than I mentioned on this list, but these are the ones that stood out to me the most  (note to self: keep some sort of a diary this year)

I put together collages of some of my favorite photos from weddings and engagement sessions last year.  Congratulations to all my wonderful couples who got engaged and married last year and I look forward to working with more great couples this year!

This shoot combined one of my favorite locations with one of my favorite sisters (ok my only sister actually). Jennifer, whom I spoke briefly about in a recent post, is certainty not shy in front of the camera.  Ever since we were little she was always the one in the front of each photo making some dramatic pose and overshadowing my less than over the top demeanor.

She has been married to her husband Ryan for five years now and they never did an engagement session before they got married.  So this was a sort of 5-year anniversary shoot.  I knew that my sister would be a hard one to direct, bless her heart but she’s not…how shall I put it?  The best listener… that may be the only way to put it (I mean that in the nicest way possible sister!)  During the shoot she did do her own thing, however she took my direction a little bit better though than I had anticipated, thanks sister! 🙂

The shoot was at a great field to start near La Jolla, and the second location was Scripps Institute of Oceanography-I love that spot!

Enjoy the images below of my sister working it and Ryan looking quite GQ.

If you have not yet heard of the greatness that is Pintrest I highly suggest that you check it out.  In the past I have mentioned this site before and since then I have become pretty addicted to it.  It’s such a great resource for you to organize your interests and inspirations in once place.   Here is a link to my site in case you are curious about the interface.  If you are anything like me you will have bookmarked page after page to reference later, and that always made me feel so disorganized.  Now with the wonders of Pintrest you can categorize boards and “pin” images to those boards to reference later.  I make ones for my photo inspirations, recipes, and home decor to name a few; it’s quite an amazing thing.

I mention Pintrest to say that Rhiona and Ricky had quite the Pintrest inspired wedding.  Rhiona also has a shared love for the fabulous app and told me that she got a lot of her ideas for her wedding from the site, and did a whole backyard diy wedding with her inspiration.

I loved the details as soon as I saw them!  I had a feeling I was going to though because back when I did a photo shoot of her and Ricky I fell in love with the style of their house.  You can view that session here.  I wanted to steal every idea in their house, and the cute details they put together for their wedding did not disappoint.  Also an added highlight to their wedding is that Rhiona is super into photography as well so we had a really fun collaborative photo session, love it when that happens!

This wall was so cool.  They used photos from the shot I had done of them, I love the way it turned out!

Loved this location in Fallbrook!