It’s Friday Friday! Ok yes that was a reference to that annoying YouTube sensation (for all the wrong reasons I presume) song. However that point still stands, it’s the weekend! And not just any old weekend it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend! The holiday where everyone is Irish (I personally am Irish Woo Woo!) eating green food is encouraged and you can expect a pinch for not wearing green. Personally I’m a fan of green clothing items so I kinda feel like that works out for me, the green beer on the other hand not exactly something I will be participating in.
Now onto the photo portion of this blog entry. Rhiona, Ricky and I first met back in 2010 when I ran a special on what used to be called The Daily Save (cue the gasps from photographers who cringe at my having done that!) That we will save for another entry and another day.
This is now the third time I have had the pleasure of photographing Rhiona and Ricky up in Fallbrook. For this session Rhiona wanted to do something different. She wanted to have a more photojournalistic approach to the photos and wanted to have them done in their house, which is so cutely decorated. The two are soon saying goodbye to this house and off to greener pastures. However before the move they wanted one last photo hurrah there. This was the first time I had the pleasure of photographing an entire shoot inside the couples home. And since I so love their style I thought it was a great idea.
I can’t wait to see what these two do with the next place they live!

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I love animals, that’s no secret. And I have no problem admitting I’m a bit kitty obsessed specifically. A few months back I started voluenteering at the Humane Society in San Diego. It’s such a beautiful place. If you have never visted it, you can view it here.
They have nice rooms for the kitties with furniture, scratching posts and toys. I visit there a few times a month to sit with the kitties some of which have been there for more than a year, and just keep them company.
The kitties on here are all at the Gaines Street location and are looking for a good home.

This is Kitty- 9 year old- Female
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Destination weddings, gotta love ’em! I recently made the trip down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for Danielle and Matt’s wedding. My boyfriend and part-time assistant also made the trip down with me. Which is good because if there is one thing I do not like it’s flying and especially flying alone. I know what your thinking you love destinations weddings but not flying, seems like a contradiction. Well you’re right it is! I grin and bear in order to have the opportunity to take photos at beautiful weddings like this one!

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  • Amanda Fitz - Gorgeous photos Kelly; well done! Danielle sure is a beautiful bride so I like to think she helped make your job easy. Stunning!

I wanted to share something awesome with you! I’m certainty not the type of person who is good at talking myself up but I really wanted to post about this.
A few months back I submitted a wedding I shot down in Cabo to Destination i do’s blog. They ended up featuring the wedding which alone was awesome! A couple months later they told me they wanted to use an image for their winter cover! WHAT?! How awesome! Those were my thoughts! I felt so honored that they wanted to use it for the cover!

The magazine just came out today and is sold all over the U.S, so if you are at a magazine stand and are planning your wedding look out for it!

And last but not least have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of family friends…football for those of you who enjoy, I myself am not partial to the football but I digress! I’m thinking of starting a new tradtion and watching the orginal Miricle on 34th street tomorrow. Everyone enjoy your new and old traditions alike!