Orange County Fair

This photo session was literally years in the making.  Betsy, Isaac and their children were guests at a wedding I did a few years back.  She contacted me shortly after the wedding to do a shoot but life came up and she had to put it off.  Well now here is the result of the the many waited years.  And could I just take a moment to say how cute they all are! I mean really Betsy is adorable Isaac is cute and their kids! Forget it they are all so cute.  And not only that, each of their children shook my hand when I got to the location….I mean that’s not something you usually see.  Needless to say I was very impressed.
We went to the Orange County Fair per Betsy’s suggestion (she had pies in the pie competition, and she won 1st place in her category BTW) I loved that she was into doing something that is not usually considered a “normal” location for a family photo session.  I thought it was a very unique choice. And her one request: A lot of Color and the fair defiantly provided that.
I know later Betsy was worried that it was too crowded and perhaps was a bad idea afterall.  I assured her that was not the case that there would be great images and a very cool location.
I hope after seeing these she agrees!

They’re so cute they took it upon themselves to do the wink.  Lily missed the memo it seems;however, she still looks beautiful, plus I think it works.

  • Betsy - Wow, Kelly, you turned something chaotic into something perfect! I love my kids! The skee ball photo is hilarious – that old guy was going to kick our butts! Ha! Thanks for being up for this! By the way, Lily swears up and down that she actually did wink – the camera just missed it. Yeah, right. ;P

  • david - wonderful photography!

  • Julie - Wonderful!!!

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