Old Poway Park

This was not the first time I shot at Old Poway Park.  It was my Aunt who introduced me to it a few years back actually.  I have done photos for her and my cousins some record amount of 5 or 6 times.  Every year for her Christmas cards…I guess this at least means she likes the photos. Anyways this is the Kelley family (I like the name for obvious reasons).  These kids I swear were professional little models they listened so well and the little guy Ian was super cute mimicking what I had his older siblings do.  I had them tilt their heads a little bit in their solo photos and when he got in front of the camera for his solo shots he just tilted his head and said “cheese!”

I also learned that the Kelley children are climbers!  In the photos below I didn’t ask them to get into the tree (I mean lets be honest I don’t want to be responsible for someone hurting themselves).  But I’m all for it if they want to do it under their own accord.  And that’s exactly hat they did and I was happy to photograph the kids enjoying their climbing.

Thank you Shawn, Anita, Aspen, Logan, Jackson and of course little Ian for bringing it at the shoot.  You’re a beautiful family and I had fun at our shoot. 🙂

This is Ian on the right doing his “cheese” pose

I’m not so sure Ian particularly enjoyed being in the tree.  Look at him hanging on for dear life!

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