my favorite place in LA

It could be assumed, that for a town as large as San Diego you would not have a small world moment.  However it seems like I have those moments more often than you’d think.  Such is the case with Sherri and Brendan.  I actually went to High School with Sherri where (don’t laugh) we were both cheerleaders.  It was my freshman year I was on JV and she was a Junior on Varsity.  She could not have been any nicer of a person, then or now.  I remembered her as one of the only few nice girls on Varsity and always appreciated her kindness.  Well years later after being out of contact with her, my sister asked me if I knew her.  This was because it turned out Sherri was also friends with a friend of my sisters, and also knew my cousins fiancé! Small world right?! Well now she is a fabulous hairstylist in LA ( and is engaged to her lovely fiancé Brendan.  And can I just say Sherri did my hair for a wedding I attended and she didn’t disappoint! Girl rocks it out.

Since she was in LA I finally got to use my dream photo spot: Griffith Park! I’ve loved it ever since 9th grade.  My love is really in part to Rebel Without a Cause (gotta love James Dean).  Going up there listening to some nice music on the iPod, just looking at the city…so wonderful.  Anyways this spot did not disappoint, only thing it was more crowded than Disneyland, so it was like a game to try to keep people out of the background.  In the end I think we made it work.

We had to work in the Christian Louboutins

Such beautiful light at sunset

I love LA from up above the traffic, so peaceful

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