Martin Johnson House Wedding • Laura and Chris


Their love story started close to where they now stood; 10 years later on a warm day in La Jolla exchanging rings and I do’s at The Martin Johnson House. Their love has taken them from the beachside locals of San Diego to the desert landscape of Dubai…yes Dubai. Chris’ work took the two to this exotic city, where architecture is ultramodern and the shopping scene is legendary. Once they were engaged the knew they wanted to share the big day back in San Diego in front of family and friends, and so the challenge of planning a wedding from over 8,000 miles away and 11 hours ahead began. With the help of a friend who lived in San Diego, and a special thanks to technology (which allowed us to have a Skype meeting) Laura was able to pull it all together.
I think more could be said about the love between these two than I could ever write. You can see it on their faces in the photos. It’s there in the way Laura looks at Chris and the way he looks back at her. It was a pleasure to watch you two fully enjoy your wedding day, and I hope the feelings you had then all come back while viewing the photos!


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