La Jolla • Erika & Daniel

These two brought their modelsque good looks and great personalities to the shoot; I swore they had done this before.  We went to one of my favorite spots in La Jolla, and ended up shooting for a little over an hour, up until sunset ended the shoot. I could probably have kept going if there was more light.  I can’t help it! I get very into the shoots and forget that maybe people don’t want to smile for 4 hours! But Erika and Daniel were along for the ride.

These two actually dated years ago in high school, sadly at that time it only lasted a week. It wasn’t until years later they happily reconnected. And now they are getting married in October.  I look forward to shooting your wedding; I’m so excited for you both!  Erika I know that that you will look so beautiful and Daniel you will be dashing on your wedding day.  It’ll be here before you know it. You’re getting everything done over the summer right Erika!?

p.s Seriously Erika you should model! You’re Gorgeous girl!

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