Kelcie K- Senior Portraits

Hello and Happy Labor Day!  I hope many of you are off today and are out enjoying the day with such Labor Day activities as going to the beach and using that old BBQ.  Some people may see this as the “end of summer” I myself am pretty excited. I love the time right before fall starts (or as fall like as it gets in San Diego).  I’ve always been a huge fan of October-December in particular, so I’m geared up and ready for it.  I can’t wait to get pumpkins and feel that fall feeling when the air just feels different.

This blog post is a little something different.  This is Kelcie and this shoot was for her Senior High School photos.  Can I just saw how beautiful is she?! I mean really!  I’m so jealous of her hair too; I can only wish that 1. My hair could get that long and 2. Have such beautiful color, and wave.  We had a blast doing this shoot her parents where there and they were lovely. Her dad even told me after we finished shooting, that watching the shoot made her mom cry (oh I hope I did not just embarrass Mrs. Kopperud).  At first I didn’t know if I should feel bad or look at like a good thing.  I did tell her though if this made you cry then what are the pictures themselves gonna do?? 🙂  But I think it is a good thing, and I mentioned it because I thought it was very sweet. I know my mom would have done the same thing!  If I give my mom a birthday card that just says “I appreciate you” she starts crying.

Anyways I digress, Kelcie was a great girl we talked about the boys and what kids in High School do these days.   I did try to be hip and relatable when talking to her about it.  I at least acted like I knew what I was talking about (so as to not seem so outta touch of course). Not sure if I accomplished that though…


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