Four of San Diego’s most adoptable kitties

I love animals, that’s no secret. And I have no problem admitting I’m a bit kitty obsessed specifically. A few months back I started voluenteering at the Humane Society in San Diego. It’s such a beautiful place. If you have never visted it, you can view it here.
They have nice rooms for the kitties with furniture, scratching posts and toys. I visit there a few times a month to sit with the kitties some of which have been there for more than a year, and just keep them company.
The kitties on here are all at the Gaines Street location and are looking for a good home.

This is Kitty- 9 year old- Female

This is Peggy- 8 month old- female

This is Pippa- 6 year old- female

And last but not least Sheba- 4 year old- female

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