Five year anniversary shoot • Jennifer & Ryan

This shoot combined one of my favorite locations with one of my favorite sisters (ok my only sister actually). Jennifer, whom I spoke briefly about in a recent post, is certainty not shy in front of the camera.  Ever since we were little she was always the one in the front of each photo making some dramatic pose and overshadowing my less than over the top demeanor.

She has been married to her husband Ryan for five years now and they never did an engagement session before they got married.  So this was a sort of 5-year anniversary shoot.  I knew that my sister would be a hard one to direct, bless her heart but she’s not…how shall I put it?  The best listener… that may be the only way to put it (I mean that in the nicest way possible sister!)  During the shoot she did do her own thing, however she took my direction a little bit better though than I had anticipated, thanks sister! 🙂

The shoot was at a great field to start near La Jolla, and the second location was Scripps Institute of Oceanography-I love that spot!

Enjoy the images below of my sister working it and Ryan looking quite GQ.

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