doug & katie • the wedding day

I met my friend Doug a few years back through some mutual friends and by attending the same local concerts.  The kicker though was at the time we met Doug was looking for a drummer for his band and I told him I happened to drum, here and there at least.  Well he was stoked on that and we soon starting jamming together.  The sessions were great, but unfortunately it was short lived since Doug lived about an hour away from me!

I did Doug and Katie’s engagement photos a few months back.  During that shoot I remembered thinking that he and Katie had such an obvious chemistry on camera and off.  And it was no different on their wedding day; I hardly had to direct them at all because with every set up they made it their own.  Just with a simple look from Katie to Doug a pose was transformed into such a touching sweet moment. The love between them radiated so strongly.  It was clear to me, and everyone else there on their wedding day that these two were meant to be together.

I hope the honeymoon to Harry Potter land went well.  And maybe one day we can have a band reunion!

  • andrea culp - Hello Kelly, I love the pictures. Hello Doug and Kaite, you chose a perfect photographer to capture your perfect day.

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