Courtney and Scott’s Downtown LA Engagement shoot

This LA engagement shoot with Courtney and Scott was a long time in the making, part of the hesitation may have had something to do with neither loving their photo taken, which is crazy to me because they were both so super cute. The shoot turned out to be an epic one in Los Angeles, we started by meeting them at the beautiful Bradbury building downtown but were quickly and sadly asked to leave there. Not to worry though being in LA there were so many amazing spots for us to shoot at. After a walk through the streets of downtown we ended up over at The John Ferraro building which provides a great backdrop of downtown. Part of the original plan was to go up to one of my favorite LA spots: Griffith Park Observatory. We were thankfully warned by Courtney’s mom that it was pretty much a parking lot up there. Which breaks my heart because it’s such a great spot but since the re-opening of the planetarium it’s just always so so busy. We ended up in Courtney and Scott’s adorable West Hollywood neighborhood were we incorporated their freakin’ cute pup, who proved to be a natural! While the plans changed throughout the shoot I could not be happier with the locations we used. They both were up for what happened and that always makes for a fun shoot!
Looking forward to shooting their wedding at The super hip Carondelet House in a few weeks!


And this is why I suggest that ladies wear dresses with some movement because it adds such visual interest to the photos!
Look at how cute their pup is! Just ready to go and be fabulous!
So this pink wall happened! It wasn’t on the list orginally but we drove by it in their neighborhood and we had to use it. It’s part of the Paul Smith store and I guess they don’t love people taking photos out front. An employee say us and didn’t say anything but we made it quick!
I died at how cute those little arms were!
Moral of the story pink walls are always a good idea!

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