Closing the Book on 2014 • A Year in Review

It’s that time when our calendars switch over to the next year and we think about what our New Years resolutions will be. I find this prospect to be just as much pressure as trying to figure out what wild, fun and super exciting thing I’m going to do on New Years Eve. It’s that pressure that seems to set myself up for disappoint, crazy high expectations that can’t possibly be met. This year I’m not making a resolution so much as just trying to take things in smaller chunks so as not to get overwhelmed. I think this approach will help break down those large goals I have for myself and make them seem manageable. Like everyone I want to better myself, improve my skills, grow as a person and in my business. However I feel like those abstract ideas can become overwhelming- similar to the feeling I get trying to pick out my New Year’s Eve outfit from 15 different sparking dresses. For me I’m going to work on breaking down those goals, limit the endless amount of options out there, make a choice, trust in it, and go with the flow.

We want to thank everyone of our clients that made it possible for us to keep doing what we love in 2014. Seriously without you guys none…NONE of this would be possible. We appreciate everyone of you, and here’s to looking forward to 2015! Below are some of our favorite images from 2014, it was hard to narrow it down to just a few, but we did our best!

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