Carla and Sean’s – Los Angeles Engagement


I met Carla and Sean through a mutual friend and I couldn’t be happier to be shooting their wedding later this year. For real they were so amazingly kind throughout our shoot, and made my job easy. We had so much to chat about (her telling me about their venue cancelling on them last minute, me telling her about my not so positive experiences with my wedding dress fittings) that after our shoot I was easily enticed to get dinner with them. I mean they really had me at burritos… how can a girl say no to a burrito let alone with two very lovely people?

We started our shoot out at their adorable home in Los Feliz, which if you’re not familiar is one of the most super hip areas of Los Angeles. Recently I’ve been asking couples I photograph if we can start off at their home from some shots. I love in home sessions! The lighting is always killer, the setting is familiar to the couple so their comfortable, and it lends a very personal touch to your engagement photos. David and I had our engagement photos start off at our house first for all those same reasons.

From there we made our way over to a cute park located near their house, and then Ubered up to one of my all time favorite places in Los Angeles: Griffith Park, and more specifically the top where the planetarium is. This spot is too perfect, the views, the history (Rebel Without a Cause anyone?), the nature.

This wasn’t my first time shooting there and crowds can always be a concern but Ubering and doing the shoot on a Thursday I think helped a bit with dealing with that.

Ok enough talk! Enjoy the photos from Carla and Sean’s Los Angeles Engagement:


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