cardigans, glasses and James Dean style…yes please

I realize that we live in a very modern world.  Which is all well and fine I mean I love my iPhone, e-mail and texting as much as the next person.  But I also really love the fifties, the movies, the music, THE STYLE love it! I wish that it was easier to find vintage fashions so that everyday I could walk around in cute dresses and feel like Audrey Hepburn.  That’s the problem with liking a different era almost more than the one your in- it’s hard to really immerse yourself in that.  That sounds a little crazy I know, I don’t mean that I want to walk around and pretend that milk cost 5 cents and that “I love Lucy” is still the #1 show in America (although it’s defiantly number one to me).  I just mean immerse oneself in a style- and I admire the people who do.  Which brings me to Mr. Brinton Ward he’s a fellow actor that I met through an acting class we’ve both been in.  And my first thought was wow this guy has a very James Dean like quality about him.  And if there is one old actor I love it’s James Dean. I mean really the walk, the hair, the style it was all there. So I knew I had to do a photo shoot with him. And since he’s an actor he was also into the idea as well (really as an actor you can never have enough headshots to choose from).

Just as a disclaimer this was not a costume he really owns the jacket that is just like the one in “Rebel Without a Cause.”  Oh and that cardigan is his dad’s from the fifties-doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Oh and thank you to Mary Jane’s Cafe in the Hard Rock Hotel downtown who were nice enough to let us have full access of the diner for our photo shoot.  Very cool people, oh and thank you for the free coffee.

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