A walk through Cedros• Doug & Katie

Talk about two people who are clearly meant for each other.  Doug and Katie personify that sentiment-the two of them could not be more comfortable together.  I think you could say that they just knew they were meant for one another right off the bat. Within days of knowing each other they were already “going steady” and just a few months later were engaged.

Doug and I have actually been friends for a few years.  It’s hard to even recall where we met in the first place but I know it had to do with our love of going to local concerts around town.  I think in one conversation we had, it came up that Doug played guitar and I mentioned I played drums.  Well he was pretty excited about that, he insisted that we get together and play some music.  And so we did, and it was a lovely time, until the almost hour drive to San Marcos got to be too much for me, and with that there went the band.

I knew going into this shoot that Doug is a guy who just likes to laugh and be goofy, so I decided to take a different approach to this shoot to convey his unique and fun personality.  And it just so happened that Katie had that same type of personality, which was great!  My idea was to go into a cool store on the street and just play around, and they went for it.  I loved that they just wanted to have a good time and not take it all so serious, that let them let lose and just enjoy being with each other!

The whole shoot they did all kinds of cute things I didn’t even ask them to do- can’t beat that!

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