A Santa Barbara wedding • Christy & Chuck

These two were wonderful and I think It would be a hard task to find any women sweeter than Christy; really she is so kind and genuine.  I got this about her just from the small amount of time I had the pleasure working with her.  And it seems after being able to be a part of their wedding day that Chuck and Christy were meant for each other.  Oh and can I just say Christy has one of those Victoria Secret model smiles that just makes all women jealous.  I wish I had that! Oh well, what can you do???

Chuck and Christy’s wedding was in such a beautiful location.  I had never been to Santa Barbara, and I have to say I really enjoyed it.  I got there in enough time to check into the hotel right down the street from the wedding, and explore the area. The hotel was such a quaint place and had images of Charlie Chaplin all around it.  Overall this street in SB was my thing.  It was just so cute looking, as my boyfriend/part-time assistant walked down the street we walked past charming restaurants with images of old Hollywood stars hanging on the walls: Jimmy Stewart, Rita Hayworth-love it!  And then at the cafe we ate at Frank Sinatra was playing, that’s all I need I was sold.

The love at Christy and Chuck’s wedding was palpable.  You both are so lucky to have found each other and to have such wonderful family and friends to have shared it with!

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