A row of lights

When Lindsay told me she wanted to shoot at LACMA in her hometown of Los Angeles, I was unfamiliar with the location.  I did a Google image search and immediately recognized the location as that from my girl Natalie Portman’s movie “No Strings Attached.”  Now before you judge me on movie choices I have to say I stand by my argument of Natalie was my main draw to seeing it in the first place.

The journey to this shoot was a bit of an adventure.  Let me just say if you’re driving to LA on a Sunday leave over 3 1/2 hours in advance.  I believe that people come down to SD for the weekends and all go back on Sunday, which made for almost constant traffic.  However Lindsay and John were so understanding and we all arrived to the shoot at the same time and from there everything went smoothly.  This location is a great photo spot, full of a lot of neat spots to chose from.  Also might I suggest seeing the Tim Burton exhibit before it’s over on 10/31.  I myself did not see it, had I remembered I would have gone up earlier to have checked it out.  I hear good things.

Lindsay and John you were both such a treat to photograph.  You really brought the energy and it was apparent how comfortable you were with each other throughout the shoot.  See you next month for the wedding!

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