A beautiful wedding, and why Mexico is a fun place

I must admit before my trip to Cabo San Lucas for Sherri and Brendan’s wedding I was a bit nervous.  This was my first time shooting in Mexico and I wanted to be sure that everything would go as smoothly as possible.  Well it turns out all of those worries were unwarranted because everything went off without a hitch. From the plane ride there, the car to the hotel (stocked with beers and water thank you very much) to the hotel itself (which was beautiful) to the wedding, and all the in betweens it all went like clockwork.  Before we get to the wedding I feel obligated to explain a bit why Mexico was such a fun place:

– I got to practice all the Spanish I had been learning for so long in college and high school.  I am Mexican, however I don’t think people can actually tell, but I do try to speak the language as good as my Grandma.  I’m not quite to her level, but Mexico was a great excuse to use it on a daily basis.

– AMAZING beans and rice right on the beach at The Office.  I would recommend it, they have a stage there too, and I will admit when they did a hitting of a piñata, my sister (who was a guest at the wedding) and I were up there reliving our childhood memoires.

-Jet skiing around beautiful islands- need I say more?  It was so nice, I can’t remember the last time I went jet skiing.

– Beautiful hotel rooms, nice people, gorgeous setting, good food

-Fun hot spots.  After the wedding a lot of people wanted to continue the dancing, so we all went to a local bar and the music they played there was good for the dancing.

So enough about that and on to the good stuff- Sherri and Brendan.  I knew going into shooting their wedding it was going to be beautiful, and they certainly did not disappoint.  I got there a few days ahead of the wedding to relax by the pool and to scope out the venue ahead of time. Their wedding was at a beautiful resort called Cabo Del Sol, upon first seeing where their ceremony would be I just thought, this is going to be a great setting for photos.  You get the crash of the ocean right behind you while you get married on a grassy knoll next to a cactus.  The cactus part got me; you don’t see that in California.  I had the pleasure of meeting almost all their family and friends before the wedding and they were all such great and fun people.  The feeling the whole time I was there was just very fun and relaxed, Sherri was just looking forward to the moment she got to walk down that aisle and see Brendan waiting there for her.

From here Christian Louboutin shoes to that gorgeous Monique Lhuiller dress Sherri looked stunning on the day of the wedding. I had a fabulous time photographing these two, I mean they are just so dang photogenic I feel like they did all the work for me.  And I’d like to add that the food at their wedding was UH-MAZING! It was something like 5 courses of deliciousness and the desert was a mini chocolate lava cake that was just so beautifully presented.  And I had to eat it, there is no way this girl is gonna pass up on that!

Ok I gotta cut myself off because this post just turned into my longest post ever in word length and photos!


I loved the style of her dress you young and modern

Personal touches like the ones on her bouquet add such a personal touch to a wedding, and make for great detail shots

THE shoes.  These were great they were definitely not traditional and I loved that about them

Brendan’s mom provided me with this great map of Mexico.  I loved the idea of using it to set the stage for where their wedding was

Venue- Cabo Del Sol

Coordinator- Karla Casillas

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