A Balboa Park engagement • Alexandra & Josh

Alexandra (or Alex as she prefers to be called, and to which I made no argument because I felt like I would somehow mispronounce her name) and Josh are such a lovely couple.  I came in contact with Alex because I had done family photos for her sister a couple times.  When I first met with these two there was such in ease when discussing their wedding plans (it’s going to be a very bright wedding that reflects her Mexican heritage, and we discussed how they met 7 years ago (he was working at the valet in the building she worked at.

Our engagement shoot was a long time in the making, it was right around the holidays when we tried to plan it and well you know how that goes! But we finally got it, Alex had her heart set on Balboa Park and I can’t blame her  it’s such a beautiful spot, and one I am quite familiar with.  When I arrived I was struck at how beautiful Alex’s dress was! Turns out it’s from one of my favorite stores Anthropology and Josh bought it for her as a gift after she told him how much she adored it.  They both were ready to get going when I got there giving no indication they were at all nervous.  We walked around the park and of course used a couple of my favorite doors during the shoot!

See you in September, and in the meantime happy wedding planning!

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