8 TIPS to help you prepare for your engagement shoot!

Are you feeling a bit lost when it comes to how to prepare for your engagement session? Before you start to break a sweat at the mere thought of where to start in your preparation, read the following tips on how to prepare for your upcoming engagement session! They give you a great jumping off point, and will help get you excited about your engagement shoot!

Get yo man ready!
No offense guys I don’t mean to pick on you, but in my experiences the guys aren’t as excited to be there as the ladies…sometimes that is, not always of course. To get him ready you can show him some of the engagement sessions on my blog so that he can get an idea of what type of shoot he (and you) are getting yourselves into. Let him know it’s a fun experience for the both of you to share and bond together. I mean really it’s an hour of you two hugging and kissing a lot so maybe just tell him that if nothing else works!

Communicate with your photographer
If you have any questions or concerns before your shoot ask me! Nothing is too silly to ask so don’t be worried about that. Feel free to bounce ideas about location, wardrobe and props off me. I’m here to help you create a beautiful shoot that will produce photos you both will love. Also if you have any special photo quirks let me know (trust me I have a few myself). For example if you like one side of your face more I will do my best to use that good side, of if you don’t like a certain angle let me know. I can’t make any promises those good sides and angles will 100% be used, but it will help me focus more on the qualities you like!

Think about what you two like to do, where do you go? What locations do you just love? Or even what type of shoot are you looking for? Do you want an urban look? Or something lush, colorful, something with architectural influences, a nature setting, or a beach.
Don’t feel overwhelmed I’m here to help you find the best spot!

Details and the outfit
Wear things that you feel best reflect you both. Avoid clashing patterns (him in plaid you in neon stripes, for example) if there is something you are on the fence about bring it we can try it out. Above all wear something that you are confident and comfortable in! Last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing!

Hair and Makeup
Ladies this can be a great time for you to test out your hair and makeup for the wedding! If you can get it done the day of your shoot that would be great, then you will not need to worry about doing it yourself. I would recommend taking that route, that way it takes the pressure off of you to get both looking perfect by yourself. And you’ll get to see how it’ll photograph on your wedding day.

Let your guard down
This is for the both of you! I My goal is to make you both as comfortable as possible. Just remember it’s a photoshoot; it’s meant to be fun and reflect who you both are as a couple. I love when couples laugh, have fun, and even come up with some silly ideas of their own. I want you guys to feel relaxed because I know it will produce the best photos possible. Don’t ever feel like I am judging you, I encourage you guys to be silly, be you, and have fun! I’ve been on the other side of the camera so trust me I know it can be a little weird at first. But I believe that guys can rock it out!

Trust me!
I think this is HUGE!!! You’ve seen the work I do, so I assume you like the style. So at the shoot trust me! Sometimes I may ask you to stand somewhere that may not look like the most beautiful spot in real life, but I promise you it will produce some cool photos!!! Or I may ask you two to look at each other and share the story of when you met with each other, trust me! I do that for a reason, to get you both to connect with each other and share a real moment. I understand that sometimes you may just 100% not be alright with an idea I have and that’s ok, but for the most part I ask you to trust my vision, and know I’m not trying to make you guys look or feel silly. My goal is to produce beautiful photos of you both, and in order to produce the style you have seen on my site trust is huge. So come willing and ready to go with great positive attitudes and I assure you I will do the same! And with that combination we will have a great shoot and produce some beautiful photos!

Have Fun
This one probably sounds like a no brainer, but I felt it was worth mentioning. Even if one, or both of you are the type of people who run when someone points a camera and says “cheese” you can still have fun at your engagement shoot! Remember at the very least you guys are there together sharing in the moment, and you know why you’re there?! Cause you’re GETTING MARRIED! And remember you will be getting great photos you will get to share with your family and friends for years to come! Now that’s why I love photography!

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